There are a number of great ways to create an automation and security system for a home. Many of them offer stock devices that can provide a lot of security and value, but that might not necessarily give the homeowner everything they want and need. That’s why there are other options — and those include the homeowner building the kind of system they really want from technology that’s available to them. They can do that through a number of different platforms, including a Z-Wave and openHAB combination.


Z-Wave technology is popular because it’s compatible with a lot of different things. It’s also very reliable, and that’s naturally something that’s important for a homeowner to focus on when they want a system for home automation and security. It’s not really secure if it can’t be trusted, so every homeowner who uses this kind of option will want to be sure that things are built out the right way and that they offer the kind of security and protection that’s really expected. Otherwise it may be time to make adjustments to the system, and with openHAB that’s something that can be done.

OpenHAB and Z-Wave are Both Great Technological Options

There’s a reason that homeowners gravitate to the openHAB and Z-Wave combination, and it’s because these are both great technologies. On their own they’re valuable, but when they’re combined they can do even more. That’s important, and it’s worth focusing on in order to make sure a homeowner fully understands everything they can do with the technology that’s offered to them.

It’s not always easy to build something from scratch, but there’s definitely pride of a job well done when it’s completed. Additionally, anyone who builds out a system from technology that’s available to them can feel good about the control they’ll have over the system they created.

It gives them the option to make the system into exactly what they want, instead of making it something that they can’t change once it’s completed. Buying a system from an automation company, or choosing to work with a traditional security company, generally stops homeowners from getting the level of command and control they’re looking for.

How Much Does Integration Really Matter?

Working with a traditional security company means a homeowner is limited to what that company offers. Working with openHAB and Z-Wave technologies, and combining them, means a homeowner can get what they want, instead of what a company thinks they should have. That can mean a big difference in the quality of the system they use, and can also mean a higher level of peace of mind. It takes time to use these technologies and combine them, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means the homeowner learns a lot more about the systems they’re using, so they can focus on having the quality and value they need over time.


Is It Time to Look for a Different Security Company?

For homeowners who still want to work with a security company at some level, finding one that’s less traditional can be a good choice. But keep in mind that this company should still offer:

  • fast response times
  • strong customer service
  • good quality equipment
  • ease of installation
  • 24/7 monitoring

When a homeowner can get all of that rolled into one, and can still use their Z-Wave and openHAB technologies along with it, there are a lot of benefits they can enjoy from the integration. That way they appreciate everything the company provides, but still have the ability to make the system their own, as well.

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