When it comes to home security door-sensor implementation, Protect America is on top of its game, and that’s not all. The top-quality home security business now offers unique selections, in the way of recessed door-motion sensors, for buyers to choose from. So check them out!


The options include the following:

  • Interlogix Micro sensors
  • Ion Micra Sensors
  • Ion Plunger Sensors
  • And Even More!

Interlogix Micro Sensors – The Best of the Best

No lie, the looming business of high-quality home security is exploding more by the minute, and top companies like Amazon are taking it by the horns — not literally, but you get the drift. But what you most likely don’t know is that micro sensoring technology is not behind with the times or the trends, either, but manages to take the best of both by storm! Simply put, micro sensors are all the rage. They offer every minute detail in 24/7 digital monitoring enhancement and more. And soon, they’ll no longer be “just another rich man’s commodity”; in fact, the goal is to have an affordable one in each home by 2020 — stay tuned!


The Interlogix sensor uniquely offers output for doors or windows. It supplies interior layer protection to even detect when someone has shattered or broken a window or glass in a break-in attempt. It can effectively detect each perimeter, starting with the first point of entry or point on contact. It will then immediately alert the authorities that a possible intrusion has occurred.

Technological progress allows more and more sensors to be manufactured on a microscopic scale as microsensors using MEMS technology. In most cases, a microsensor reaches a significantly higher speed and sensitivity compared with macroscopic approaches.

Ion Micra Sensors – More to Explore

Yes, Protect America offers both micro and micra. Protect America ensures that these only employ magnetic-contact transmitter properties of the highest caliber to gage optimum accuracy with each passing move. One may easily install these into any wood, aluminum, or even vinyl doors and windows, carefully camouflaging them as needed, too. They connect and install quite easily and are fully wireless.