Getting a Z Wave Security System or considering the idea? You might want to read this post containing important information about Z Wave and its brand and line of security products. The company is a home security products manufacturer and its products are available online. The company is based in Moonachie, New Jersey.


The products they provide include security cameras, door sensors, window sensors, door locks, dead bolts, flood sensors, motions sensors and sirens. No doubt they provide a wide range and selection of product types in the home security and surveillance business, but let’s take a closer look into user reviews, the information contained in their catalog of security products and the value of these products for homeowners in the United States. If you need help implementing and installing your home security system, you can call the DIY experts at Protect America.

Technology, through automation and artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources. – Alain Dehaze

What Others Have to Say About Their Products

Several prominent reviewers from technology publications like CNET and PC Mag have given the Z Wave products a try and praised many of the features available from Z Wave products. There are also a healthier number of reviews regarding their home automation products, which is a good sign too. Home automation products/services and home security products/services are becoming fused and companies leading the way, like Z Wave, are creating products that either work with existing home automation products or are developing their own. Z Wave is no exception. One particular review from Best Reviews shows you the reasons that Z Wave is “leading the way” in this industry. The company has more than 2,100 products from 600 different suppliers. Their smart hubs can control water, heat, lighting and other functions. Read more about the review here.

Product Catalog, Other Products and Dealers

There certainly isn’t enough room in a single post to describe all of the products this company provides. Their inventory is large and contains more than 2,100 products. We can, however, look at a broad overview of their products. They carry security cameras, door sensors, window sensors, door locks, dead bolts, flood sensors, motions sensors and sirens. Z-Wave, in fact, allows a number of different home security and home automation products to work alongside its sensors and base stations. Many products are integrated with their systems, so you can use your smartphone as a remote control of sorts for your home security and home automation systems. This is a major benefit for homeowners, but if you don’t do your research on what products to buy your system will not operate as intended. Make sure the product indicates it works with Z Wave.


Value of Z Wave Systems

There are three main types of value here: convenience, flexibility and modernization. These are the qualities that Z Wave is intending to build behind its brand of connectable devices ready for the growing home automation and home security market. Their products are of high quality and work as intended when configured properly. Configuration is meant to be easy, but the more complex a system the more difficult the process can become. Also, all people have a different level of skill dealing with technology, let alone home security technology and home automation. Setting up can be as simple or as complex as the wants or needs of the homeowner call for.

Implementing a Z Wave Security and Home Automation Center

As previously discussed, there are thousands of products from hundreds of companies available under the Z Wave compatiblity roof. They have made a brand and reputation for themselves as a leader in home automation and security solutions that are flexible in integration, convenient for users and modern in approach. There are many support guides available on how to set up these systems online and there is some support in product documents. You can also contact experts at Protect America for help. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.