Perhaps nothing in the world of location-based security consistency is as important as having a checklist and keeping it in line with your security values and goals. You may own hundreds, thousands or even millions in property assets, and that’s why staying organized can mean the very life or death of your success. So how are you protecting those valuables and keeping them optimally safe & secluded from all threats? Have you considered quality monitoring with Z-Wave and its relevance to this day and age, and have you heard of Protect America?

Protect America certainly knows the value of life-long security, and its detailed integrations include top-notch Z-Wave functionalities that will knock anyone’s socks off —though perhaps not literally! That would be a little weird. Anyhow, in fact, it’ll even feel like having a personal bodyguard right there at your doorstep, one carefully watching for suspicious activity at all hours of the clock!

Speaking of Z-Wave, home security has never been in a better place since it merged with it, now offering one the ability to do more. Let’s briefly cover but a taste of the potential implied here in the form of three small projects one could easily incorporate using Z-Wave and the Amazon Echo, and all in the holy cause of “greater security monitoring!

We’ll touch upon three projects you may not have considered even ‘doable’, especially if you’re new to this industry:

  • Thermostat pairings
  • Light bulb connection enhancements
  • Greater remote garage interconnectability & control

Paired Thermostat

“Alexa, lower the thermostat by 5 degrees” – about to head upstairs and realizing that you might have forgotten to turn the heat down? With a SmartThings hub and a paired Z-Wave thermostat, a quick ask to your little assistant and it’s done before you reach the stop of the staircase.

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Guess what? Protect America supports and even encourages Smart Thermostats. It also hosts numerous Z-Wave suppliers and their products, including —you guessed it—those of Amazon Echo. Not all other providers can attest the same.

“Smart Bulbs”, Anyone?

GE technology-enhanced light bulbs, for instance, now allow one to integrate with Amazon to allow voice commands for turning bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen lights on or off, seamlessly. This even gives those who dirtier hands, or those who simply cannot discontinue their current activity to reach the light switch, a little break. Plus, it feels good to command “there to be light”, a feeling of power unparalleled. Could it get any better than this?


Remote Garage Control-Monitoring At All Times

When Amazon Echo owners tell Alexa to tell the home monitoring system to close or open their garage door, it can now be done. Z-Wave garage-door remote controllers make this possible. Just imagine the time and effort one could save in doing this each time he leaves his house or business. Picture the numerous times that clumsy child has left the garage door open, with all valuables visible to all; with a few voice commands, all these potential pitfalls could become problems of the past, laughable matters, at most.

Final Thoughts – Invitation to Act

Protect America has worked tirelessly for 25 years to become the best there is in monitored home security, as opposed to non-monitored standalone cameras and other forms of equipment functioning on their own end. Monitored protection is far more secure and stable, and it can work around the clock. Want to know more? Reach out to Protect America by phone or website for a starting quote and additional details. Act right now!