Companies like Protect America certainly make wireless Z-Wave capabilities an action more than a mere thought. Moreover, the mere thought of well-integrated home automation is now greatly enhanced, thanks to their collaborative efforts of more than 25 years. And when it comes to decentralizing the exchange of information security floating around, especially within the delicate arena of property safety or security, this team is well ahead of the game.

It is, after all, all about going wireless — or hub-less, so to speak. Two core benefits arise:

  • Greater Security/Stability
  • Wire Risks Reduced

But what even is automation, to begin with, and how does it play into home security? Here’s a quick primer:

Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance.[1]In other words, Automation[2] or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching on telephone networks…

Automation, thus, makes home security easier to monitor and control. It gives the homeowner peace of mind. The Z-Wave is one means to that end.


More Security and Stability from Every Angle

Since users and home-security authorities can both get instant, 24-7 access to all that occurs within the location, this offers more backup and stable support from all ends. Plus, one may easily assess the dangers well ahead of time and act accordingly. The decentralization allows many parties to become aware of potential threats, and far more quickly. Unlike in other models, in which the central hub can be targeted and destroyed by the assailant, the “hub-less” service device here only grows more alert after such an attempt.

No More “Endangering” Wires to Beware of

Traditional wiring, and the use of wires, can pose a hazard for many reasons, not to mention that having a bunch of wires lying around is simply annoying to get around and space-consuming. Plus, wires present flammable hazards of numerous forms and may even catch fire without warning or precedent provocation. Another downside is that the potential intruder can see the home security system from nearby or far away, and find a way around it, after learning of its presence. Also, wires become easily entangled and can even become a “tripping hazard” for anyone that doesn’t see them. So go wireless, and don’t rely on any centralized, one-stop hub; have a backup plan of action for when things go terribly wrong.

To Conclude – Try Today!

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