Home automation by means of an all-inclusive research robot, or personal assistant bot as some prefer to refer to them, has never been easier than through the Z-Wave. Plus, think about what the mass integration of the Z-Wave, along with automation tech from only the best experts in the home security business — the friendly faces at Protect America — can make possible in one scope. Meet the following phenomenal, wireless products Protect America’s Z-Wire capabilities have to offer:

  • Touchscreen central control panels
  • Motion detectors
  • Door & window sensors
  • Home automation-enablement through smart bots or other devices
  • Smoke detection monitoring
  • HD wireless video cams

“The concept of automation is a fascinating one. Just imagine – robots doing what people used to do. This technology cuts way down on the “busy work”…” (source: https://www.magnificent.com/magnificent-stuff/grow-your-business-with-smart-automation-tactics)


Touchscreen central control panels

One may pre-set the timer, general settings, alarms, and much more by merely touching and scrolling across the vibrant display of rich color settings. One may view which doors or windows are closed or open, where nearby motion has been detected, the current status of indoor or outdoor weather temperatures, and more, all from here.

Motion detectors

Indoor and wireless, these easily install by wall mount. They can cover up to 25 feet in horizontal range. They work by sensing heat emissions from within their range of coverage; they’re also uniquely pet-friendly for all animals weighing under 40 lbs. They’re fully Z-Wave competent! 

Door & window sensors

Sleek housing is what users get when they choose to use these sensors with their Z-Wave. Try the best of both worlds with minimal effort, paradise indeed. Their batteries last for five years! One may use the Z-Wave here to tell the sensors to turn on or off, at will, and quite effortlessly at that. And since no wires connect to the wall here, it’s harder for intruders to detect the sensor’s mere presence; they won’t know they’re being watched, and will thus be less likely to attempt to destroy the sensor.

Home automation-enablement through smart bots or other devices

Personal assistant chat bots, smart lights or smart light bulbs, automation climate control for home security — one can do it all, and now with the Z-Wave, all functions can work together to make wireless automation and home protection the reality fulfilling the dream of ages past.


Smoke detection monitoring

That’s right — even when there’s a potential risk of smoke or fire in the home, the wireless device is a step ahead of the game. Engage this life-saving technology through the Z-Wave to see what’s really possible in the world of optimized security. These work well with certain smoke detectors. See Protect America’s unique page, talking just about this, online for more information.

HD wireless video cams

Check devices operations from all angles right here through the icon-based device. Find out exactly when Grandpa sneaked downstairs last night to grab that extra batch of cookies he wasn’t allowed to touch! While you’re at it, turn the camera off and bag a few of your own while you’re family’s not watching! Oh, the possibilities — they do abound….

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