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April 30, 2014

"Interview with a Burglar" Free E-Book Released by Home Security Giant Protect America, Inc.

Over 400 Career Burglars Interviewed in Sourced Report - National Home Security Company Protect America Compiles Information and Recommends Methods to Combat Burglaries in Downloadable E-Book

Austin, Texas -- April 30, 2014 –Protect America, Inc., home security pioneer with decades of experience in residential and business defense, has released a free downloadable e-book (Interview with a Burglar) detailing how and why burglaries occur - as well as simple steps homeowners can take to prevent them.

The "Interview with a Burglar" e-book takes real research conducted by interviewing hundreds of seasoned burglars, as well as statistics from the FBI. Protect America explains and visualizes what motivates burglars, how thieves operate when committing crimes, then recommends unique tips for making homes less appealing targets for burglars.

Some interesting statistics include what interviewed burglars sought when entering a home, the ways in which many of them were able to gain entry, and relevant tips such as optimal lighting and safe social media usage for homeowners.

“Burglary is a problem we are all faced with,” said Protect America President Scott Fleming. “Unfortunately for criminals, modern technology allows society to share information, be proactive and stay one step ahead. Protect America is always seeking to inform and help communities in new and innovative ways, and this is a unique opportunity to do just that.”

Over 400 burglars, some with extensive property crime history, were interviewed in a report compiled by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This report, named "Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender's Perspective" includes a vast amount of detailed data, such as the motivation for burglaries, what factors are considered by burglars during target selection, what deters burglars from burglarizing specific targets, and more. The UNC Charlotte report served as the pool of information consolidated and assembled into statistics and infographics by Protect America for its Interview with a Burglar e-book.


About Protect America, Inc.

Protect Americais an Austin, Texas-based provider of wireless home security systems that employs approximately 400 people. Since the company’s founding in 1992, Protect America has secured over 400,000 American homes. Protect America is part of the Rockbridge Growth Equity family of companies that includes the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans. Protect America offers affordable security solutions customizable to every home. Call 1-800-951-5190 to speak with a Protect America home security expert about an interactive wireless alarm system.


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