Monitored home security versus
unmonitored security products.

On a beach somewhere in
the South Pacific...

“What would you like?” the server asks Sam.

“A mojito, extra lime,” he responds, sinking farther into his beach chair. Churning waves echo in the distance as he takes in a refreshing breath. Sam is relieved not to have WiFi service on the beach. For the next 2 hours he can sit without interruption.

Sam enjoys a relaxing sunset with a cool beverage.
Sams phone blows up with unhelpful alerts.

back in Sam’s hotel room...

A storm of alerts is flooding Sam’s phone. His new unmonitored home security system is sending him alerts.

Sams phone displaying unprofessional alerts.

We hope Sam enjoys his mojito. His return to the hotel room won’t be as pleasant. Don’t be like Sam and get stuck with alerts. Get monitored home security and receive actual responses during a break-in.

Why are people buying unmonitored security?

Unmonitored home security systems are a declining fad, made popular because of the misconception that they are just as safe as monitored systems. They have large upfront costs, but after the initial purchase you will only pay for additional equipment. Subscriptions are cheap or free since they don’t include professional monitoring.

DIY (do-it-yourself) means that the systems are installed by users, and equipment can be placed anywhere in a home. Both professionally monitored and unmonitored systems can be DIY. Setup can be as simple as downloading an app and mounting your equipment.

Big Trouble Comes in Little Systems.

Unmonitored home security systems may seem convenient, but they won’t stop crime. They aren’t monitored 24/7 by teams of professionals. You’ll get alerts that a crime is happening, but your system won’t notify the authorities.

Monitored security systems are the only option that will alert first responders during emergencies.

It isn’t home security if it isn’t monitored.

Anything They Can Do, We Can Do Better.

Unmonitored systems have sold customers on the idea that they are the most advanced and optimized home security technology.

Unmonitored brands have sleek designs, websites, and captivating marketing campaigns — but good technology is not exclusive to unmonitored systems.

Monitored options also have push notifications, video streaming apps, and smartphone control. Most monitored systems are also unobtrusive and wireless.

Monitored home security is the only all-inclusive option on the market. The promise of an actual response from authorities during emergencies provides true peace of mind. You can’t place a price on a protected home and family.

Monitored home security is crucial.

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